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Cary and Angela seemed to truly care about my family and the toll that this problem has played in our family life."

What People Say About Bryson Law Firm

"I’m Very Confident Because I Know That Bryson Law Firm Has My Back."


Debbie Kidder owns a staffing service agency & due to a book-keeping error, the unemployment taxes were not being paid. This error had grown to be quite substantial; regardless of who was at fault, the IRS lays blame on the owner.

"I got a letter from a major tax resolution company that promised me that they could do everything that I needed done to tax care of the tax problems, a guarantee... but they did absolutely nothing. They did not return my emails or phone calls but had set up an ACH, pulling money out of my account every month. I put an end to it and later I found out that they were not even licensed. "

"People are always concerned about being judged by us... that is the last thing we do. When you deal with these situations, you have to reach out to family and friends & that's what we're here for. We saw that our clients need local Louisiana help. Because it's a local firm we're really able to have an impact on our clients' demeanor and life or business. "

"I received a letter from Bryson, so I called them. I felt very at home. Everyone in their firm is very nice; it's like a big family. I have never doubted, not one second that they would help me. I'm very confident because I know that Bryson Law Firm has my back."

-- Debbie Kidder

Cary Would Tell Me The Truth And What I Was Able To Get Back From The IRS


Practicing attorney for 20+ years, Marvin Gros, lost his building, vast records & operations due to hurricane destruction. Reestablishing his practice took precedence over tax woes. He went to Bryson Law Firm for a free consultation & evaluation of his tax problems.

"I want someone that has expertise, knowledge and knows how to deal with the IRS. I felt comfortable in that he [Cary] would tell me the truth and what I was able to get back from the IRS."

"Once our clients' tax problems are solved, the last thing I want to see is them back in this office five years from now with the same problem or something similar. Often times it's because they don't understand the accounting issues that let to their tax problem. We want to have an effect long term on our family, our clients, who are going to be able to fix these problems once and for all. "

--Marvin Gros

"They Knew What To Do, They Knew How to Handle The Problem."


A couple owning a landscaping business lost almost everything as the economy took a turn. Any solutions they looked to ended up costing more than they could pay – even when procuring the help of a large, big-city, well-advertised law firm.
"Given the choice to feed my family or pay my taxes, I would feed my children every day of the week and take care of the tax problem later. It was a real nightmare as the months went by, the penalties and interest were just growing and growing... they nickeled and dimed us to death.

Bryson was able to get ahold of the situation. They were patient, loving and kind & were able to offer solutions. It was the first time that anyone genuinely seemed to care. They knew what to do, they knew how to handle the problem & they were quick & efficient to do so.

-- Patricio & Brenda Castro

"Gave me hope and faith..."

“When Ms. Kayla took my case she went way out of her way to help me. I don't know what I would have done withour her. She is the very best person, the best!!"

"She was always there...let me know what was going on. Never gave up on me. When Ms. Kayla took my case, things really got a lot better. Awesome Lady. She gave me hope and faith."

"Always called me, always returned my calls, always so very very nice and convincing that everything was gonna be O.K. Ms. Kayla the best ever. God Bless Her."

--Annette Courville, July 2017

"Piece of mind during a difficult situation."

“Nothing else could be done to make my experience any better. John was great in all areas and I would recommend and I would recommend him to all who need help with their taxes."

"You will have a personal and professional experience with all of the staff at Bryson. They care abou you as well as the outcome of your case. The give you peace of mind during a difficult situation."

--Marla L., June 2017

"Words could never express..."

“Words could never express the appreciation that we have for Katie, Brandon and all of the Bryson Family. It feels like 10 tons have been lifted off of our shoulders. Thank you so much for all your hard work with helping us. I truly cannot say this enough. Much Love to you all. It seems like you all are a part of our family. Please relay this message to the other members of the team. If we are ever in the area we will stop in and visit to thank you all in person. ((((( HUGS )))))"

With Love and appreciation,

--Anonymous, Krotz Springs, April 2017

"You got me a fresh start."

"I did some research on the internet and found that you guys were highly recognized in the industry and saw the achievements that you've received. You were attentive, caring to my needs, and very informed on tax law and accounting. I always had multiple questions that you guys could respond to and always had the answers to. The knowledge that you guys have and offer to clients is really second-to-none. You’ve really helped me. You basically changed my life and gave me a new start with my tax debt. You took a quarter million dollar debt that I owed the IRS -- tacked on with penalties and back taxes -- and got it to zero. You got me a fresh start."

--Mr. Ferrara, Baton Rouge, March 2017

"Bryson's knowledge of the tax code, patience, and sincere dedication helped me resolve my tax issue with the best possible outcome"

"After an internet search of tax attorneys in Baton Rouge, I selected Bryson Law Firm based on the range of services provided, experience in resolving tax issues, their team of attorneys and testimonials. My tax case was resolved under mutually agreeable terms to my satisfaction. [Bryson's] knowledge of the tax code, . . . patience, and sincere dedication helped me resolve my tax issue with in the best possible outcome. Bryson Law Firm should be your first choice for resolution of any tax issues."

--Patrick Cormier, Baton Rouge, February 2017

"In our experience these guys have always done the best, and we can't recommend anything they can do better."

“We chose Bryson Law Firm because the reviews were outstanding! They explained everything in a way we were able to understand. More importantly, they were able to follow through and get the job done. They kept in contact with us so we knew they were working on our case. In our experience these guys have always done the best, and we can’t recommend anything that they can do better. It was money well spent to solve our tax problem!”

--Richard and Jennifer Wilkerson, 2016

"The patience and understanding is second to none!"

“A family friend suggested that Bryson Law Firm was the best local representation for my tax situation. I was so nervous prior to my initial visit. The politeness of Mrs. Maggie set me at ease immediately, and after the consultation I felt like I could overcome my tax burden.
The Bryson team compiled ten years of back taxes, $80,000, and resolved through an offer in compromise. The IRS settled at $29,000!! The patience and understanding is second to none!
It’s in the best interest of all that you help as many people as possible. Get the Bryson Law Firm name out into the community and tell them no matter how big or small your problems or your tax liabilities in general are, the Bryson team will treat you with the respect and dignity we all deserve. Thank you!”

--Mark Hebert, January 2015

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We are a Louisiana law firm focusing 100% of our practice on helping people and businesses solve their IRS and Louisiana state tax problems.

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