Now I Can Sleep Better At Night and Don't Have to Worry

I received pamphlets in the mail from the Bryson Law Firm. I did some research before I called for an appointment. I was at the end of my rope with the IRS since I owed a lot of back taxes. Everyone at Bryson Law Firm was so nice to me and friendly. They did not look down on me but treated me with respect and kindness. Bryson Law Firm really came through for me – I owed the IRS $28,966.56 but they negotiated for me and the IRS settled for $586.04!!! Now I can sleep better at night and don't have to worry. I thank everyone at Bryson Law Firm from the bottom of my heart. I appreciate what they have done for me. I will keep everyone at Bryson Law Firm in my thoughts and prayers.

They Worked With Us and Got Our Tax Problem Under Control

We really liked your advertisement we received in the mail and liked the fact that your firm was local. The Bryson Law Firm staff was very helpful, friendly, considerate, and understanding. They worked with us and got our tax problem under control. We think you all are great and can't imagine how you could do any better!

I Can't Think of Anything They Could Have Done Better!

The Bryson Law Firm really took the load off my back when I hired them to handle my tax problem. They tirelessly answered my questions, were friendly, kind, their knowledge of taxes and the IRS was awesome, and were very professional. I can't think of anything they could have done better – it was the IRS that was the problem!! I am delighted that with Bryson Law Firm handling my case I only had to pay $427 instead of $50,000!!!

Now I Can Purchase a Home of My Own and Get On With My Life

I needed professional help in dealing with my tax debt. The Bryson Law Firm fit the description I was looking for. My phone calls and emails were always answered and any questions I had about my case were always answered in a timely manner. Bryson Law Firm worked to get my tax debt reduced down by approximately half – saving me over $15,000! They also cleared my name from the tax liens the IRS had filed against me. While all of this did take time, it paid off in the long run. Bryson Law Firm helped out a great deal. I could never have gotten this far without them as I would still have a huge debt with the IRS – the world's worst to be in debt to!!! The IRS had a tax lien on me and I could not get financing for a home. Now I can purchase a home of my own and get on with my life. Thank you so much!!

Best Law Firm in the World

I feel the Bryson Law Firm is the best law firm in the world!!  You are knowledgeable in every aspect of tax law.  Your staff is kind, courteous, patient, compassionate, and showed concern for me through my tax ordeal.  I can't say enough nice things about Bryson Law Firm!  I don't see how your firm can perform any better.  I owed over $8,000 to the IRS but only had to pay $1,000 all because of the honest, capable, hard work of the Bryson Law Firm!  I tell everybody I meet that your firm is superb and that you must be one of the most outstanding law firms in the country!!

I Owed $35,000 and Settled for $7,760

The Bryson Law Firm is very knowledgeable in knowing tax laws and how they are applied.  They were quick in their response when the IRS seized my bank account - the Brysons took care of it within hours!  You can depend on them to give their best effort.  Please continue your caring ways and friendly, family atmosphere.  You saved me money on my taxes - I owed $35,000 and settled for $7,760 - and gave me peace of mind.  Thank you so much for your help!!

You Explained Everything to Me and Took Care of My Situation

I had a tax problem and I didn't know what to do.  I wanted to do the right thing about it.  Then I received a letter from the Bryson Law Firm.  You explained everything to me and took care of my situation.  Thank you to Bryson Law Firm because I didn't have to pay all that I owed.  I appreciated what you all did for me.  You are all nice people and you help in any way you can.

Offer In Compromise Accepted 2011

I Don't See How You Could Improve Your Services!!

The service of Bryson Law Firm was upfront and to the point!  They communicated with us regularly and explained the tax resolution process to us.  I don't how you could improve your services!!

Your Firm is BETTER Than "Better"

I chose Bryson Law Firm because you are a local, Louisiana firm.  After talking with Mr. Bryson, my mind was put at ease and I quit worrying.  I was always able to call any time I had a question and your staff made me feel like part of the family!!

I am already telling all my family and friends about Bryson Law Firm.  Your firm is BETTER than "better."  Thanks a million for solving my IRS problem!

Offer in Compromise Accepted 2011

Again and Again, I Say Thank You!

I am so thankful to the Bryson Law Firm for all that you have done for me.  It is such a great feeling to know that the situation with the IRS is over!  Of course, all of the credit goes to all of you.  I will forever be grateful.  Again and again I say thank you!

Offer in Compromise Accepted

We Are Very Satisfied Customers

The Bryson Law Firm brochure has a lot of very good information, and was the initial reason we chose Bryson Law Firm to help us with our tax problem. During our first consultation with Cary Bryson, he told us exactly what we needed to know; he never brought up fees and the consultation was free!

The one thing that really stood out about our experience was how good Cary was at explaining 'how the system worked' - no one else ever explained it to us as clearly as he did. He seemed to understand our situation and gave us good advice – all at no cost to us.

We are very satisfied customers, and we would be happy to refer our friends and family to Bryson Law Firm.

You are the best!"

We Would Recommend Bryson Law Firm to Anyone

Cary and Angie Bryson kept us informed along the way. They explained the tax resolution process including the IRS conclusions and closing procedures as well as all relevant alternatives available to us.

We found the Bryson Law Firm personnel to be friendly and knowledgeable. They always made themselves available to us, and my wife and I felt comfortable discussing our problems with them.

The staff at Bryson Law Firm made sure to keep in contact with us throughout the whole process. On one occasion, while my wife and I were on a trip to St. Louis and Milwaukee, Susan called us on our cell phones to tell us that some forms had to be signed that very day. She faxed the forms to our hotel, so that we could sign them and get them in on time.

We would recommend Bryson Law Firm to anyone.

They Explained Everything in a Way That Was Easy to Understand

I first heard about Bryson Law Firm on the radio. The ad sounded honest, so I gave them a call and set up an appointment.

They Explained Everything In A Way That Was Easy To Understand. Everyone really cared about my difficulty and wanted to help me get through it successfully.

You are all a blessing!

Everyone at Bryson Law Firm Was Really Caring

Everyone at Bryson Law Firm was really caring. They were very patient and never seemed to tire of explaining to us and answering our questions.

We were very, very satisfied with their services and the outcome.

I Would Tell Anyone That Has Tax Problems to Go to Bryson Law Firm

I would tell anyone that has tax problems to go to Bryson law Firm because they go above and beyond to help.

I lost my husband suddenly and was hurting. I was making half steps on a daily basis. Cary and Angie Bryson filled in the other half step and together we made full steps and completed the tax problem.

Cary and his lovely wife, Angie explained everything to me after my husband died to the point that I felt secure and safe in the decision being made.

The one thing that stood out was that they really cared about me personally and made me feel like I was not just a client.

Cary and Angie became people that I prayed for and I know that these two lovely people and their whole firm prayed for me. You never know who God puts in your path. When my life was falling apart, everyone at Bryson Law Firm showed me love and compassion. When my thoughts were not my own, I knew that they were taking care of my tax problem for me.

They Communicated With Me on a Regular Basis

I never felt that it was all about the fees for Bryson Law Firm – instead it was all about helping us.

They communicated with me on a regular basis – I felt reassured. They explained everything beforehand and it was very clear-cut information.

Compared to the previous experience with another firm in Houston – it was like day and night. I felt Bryson Law Firm handled everything and gave us confidence that we were not going through it alone.

In the words of my wife, 'we have absolutely no complaints!'

Bryson Law Firm is an Honest, Family Oriented Office

Bryson Law Firm is an honest, family oriented office. Whenever I called, the whole staff knew about my case. I never felt like just another "number."

Cary Bryson made me feel confident that things would be resolved. He got the IRS off my back so that I could get on with my life.

I hope I never have a problem like this again, but I would definitely come back to Bryson Law Firm.

The Call Back Response Time Was Wonderful

Bryson Law Firm settled a serious problem in my life and now a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders!

The call back response time was wonderful. I never felt like I was forgotten nor a bother.

I would definitely tell my friends and family about Bryson Law Firm.

A Special Thank You to All of Bryson Law Firm

A Special Thank You To All Of Bryson Law Firm.

Thank you so much for making us your client of the month and sending us that much appreciated gift card. Everyone is always helpful and always willing to go the extra mile for us. I not only feel like a client, but a great friend to a bunch of great people. Thank you for making me feel special!

Thanks to All of You for Your Help and Hospitality

Thanks to all of you for your help and hospitality! I feel as though a dump truck has finally been driven off of my chest! You have my business and referrals as long as I am a resident of Louisiana.

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