Our Process

When you hire Bryson Law Firm, L.L.C., you benefit from our decades of experience in tax law and tax resolution. Our firm is different from those cookie-cutter national firms. Your situation is unique, so you need a customized solution that fits your needs and budget. Oftentimes, we have a number of options we can pursue to resolve your tax case.

We meet with many clients who’ve waited a long time to get help. We know you can feel helpless and alone when you’re up against the IRS. To help you reach the best possible outcome, Bryson Law Firm, L.L.C. has established a five-step process to help us create a successful strategy to resolve your tax issue:

Step 1: Your Free Initial Consultation

When dealing with the IRS, don’t give up. Get help. We make it easy. Before you spend thousands of dollars on a meeting with a faceless, national tax firm, call Bryson Law Firm, L.L.C. to set up your free initial consultation. It’s your risk-free option that allows us to better understand your tax dilemma so we can work toward a resolution.

When you call our office for your free initial consultation, you’ll speak to one of our friendly Case Intake Coordinators who will get all your contact information and learn a little bit about your tax issues to determine if we can help you with your situation. Once we’ve established that we can help you, we’ll get you scheduled for a virtual consultation with one of our Tax Attorneys. Then, we’ll send you a Pre-Consultation Information Packet with further instructions on how you can prepare for your consultation.

Once we’ve got a handle on your situation, we can discuss the fees for our services. We take a very holistic, comprehensive approach to tax resolution – start to finish. These fixed rates mean you don’t have to worry about being charged separately when you talk to us, because we’ve found that good communication is key to providing exceptional customer service to our clients.

Step 2: Initial Case Discovery

The first thing we do during the investigation phase is for Bryson Law Firm, L.L.C. to submit a Power of Attorney form to the IRS. That means from that point on, the IRS will no longer call you, or harass you at home or at work. Any correspondences from the IRS must immediately go through our law firm.

Once Power of Attorney is established, we then dig deep into your financial history to develop our strategy to resolve your case. We’ll review all of the correspondences between you and the IRS. We obtain your IRS Account Transcripts that give us a detailed look at your tax and payment history. This helps us determine whether other tax forms need to be filed which may affect how much you owe. We’ll also seek collection holds to remove crippling levies from your financial accounts.

Keep in mind, at Bryson Law Firm, L.L.C., you’ll have a whole team of specialized tax professionals working for you. You’ll have a lead Tax Professional that will guide you through the process, provide expert insight, and drive your case forward. Your case manager assists the lead lawyer by compiling your financial information and documentation, and filling out relevant IRS and Louisiana state tax forms. Overseeing it all is one of our senior managing lawyers who reviews the strategy for each case to ensure our plan will meet your needs.

Step 3: Accounting & Tax Returns

Once we’ve completed the investigation phase, we then tie up any loose ends by making sure your tax returns and tax filings are up-to-date. Bryson Tax & Accounting Services can help you complete any unfiled returns to make you current with the IRS. This is an important part of the process since you want all your taxes and paperwork in order before going to the IRS seeking resolution. When we present your case to the IRS, we need to present a cohesive plan that clearly states the rationale for the resolution we are seeking.

Step 4: Resolution

Now it’s time to present your case to the IRS or Louisiana state tax agents. We’ll discuss with you all the different options available and propose the best option for you, based on your situation and finances. Keep in mind, Bryson Law Firm, L.L.C. takes a comprehensive approach to resolution, so we may employ a number of options for your case. For instance, we may seek a penalty abatement to lower your tax bill, and propose an installment agreement for the remaining amount that fits your finances.

Beware of out-of-state tax firms that only give you a cookie-cutter answer instead of the customized solution you get with Bryson Law Firm, L.L.C.. Many times, these faceless national firms will contact the IRS, and the IRS tells them how to settle. The IRS looks out for itself, not the taxpayer, so their option is rarely what works best for you. Your situation is unique, so you need a firm like Bryson Law Firm, L.L.C.. We take the time to formulate a successful strategy to represent your best interests, not the IRS’.

Step 5: Freedom

Finally, after months, and oftentimes years, of nasty letters, phone calls, and unannounced visits to your home and work, you can finally breathe easy. It really is like taking the weight of the U.S. government off your shoulders. In most instances, we’re able to save our clients thousands of dollars off their tax bill, so they’re all smiles once their case is resolved. It’s also important to us that we prepare you for life after resolution. We make sure we’ve prepared you for staying current on your taxes moving forward so you won’t find yourself in a similar tax situation in the future.

Now that you’ve seen our comprehensive approach to our clients’ tax problems, call Bryson Law Firm, L.L.C. to set up your free initial consultation to get started on the road to freedom.