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We know the "ins-and-outs" about payroll taxes, and we can help.

We know the "ins-and-outs" about payroll taxes, and we can help.

Payroll Tax Representation

Every business owner with employees knows what a nightmare payroll taxes can be. If your business owes back payroll taxes you should seek help immediately! Let our attorneys guide you to resolution.

Do you own your own business? Do you have delinquent payroll taxes? Do you need help figuring out what you owe, when, and how to pay your payroll taxes?

You are not alone!! The payroll tax system is complicated and most small business owners need help!!

We can help. We know the "ins-and-outs" about payroll taxes, and we can help to resolve your IRS payroll tax matters.

All employers are required to withhold and match certain taxes from their employee's paychecks or wages and are required to send them to the IRS. These "payroll taxes" include the Social Security, Medicare, and Federal Income taxes.

Employers are also required to file certain payroll tax forms with the IRS, namely a Form 941, Employer's Quarterly Federal Tax Return, and a Form 940, Employer's Annual Federal Unemployment or FUTA Tax Return.

If an employer fails to do any of the above -- that is, fails to pay its payroll taxes and withholdings or to timely file the required Form 941's and 940, he is exposing himself to serious IRS trouble.

In some cases, the IRS will even try to collect the tax from the employer personally. And, the IRS will conduct investigations and audits to determine if there are other "responsible parties" to collect the tax from -- personally!!

And, the IRS is not shy about "shutting-down" a business that continues to have payroll tax issues.

Whether you're "in business" or "out of business" we can help!! We have successfully guided employers and business owners through the payroll tax maze, and helped them deal with their unpaid payroll taxes -- especially, through large penalty abatements!!

Call us confidentially or fill out our confidential contact form to schedule your FREE initial consultation.

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