How Do You and Your Clients Benefit from Bryson?

  1. Your referral receives a FREE consultation and is quoted a fixed fee schedule for the services proposed in the consultation.
  2. We are focused 100% on tax resolution law. We have 50+ years of combined legal experience. We know how to navigate the bureaucracy. We know how the IRS works. Your referral will have the advantage of our experience and will have a team of attorneys, Enrolled Agents, and former IRS Officers on the case to get the best results possible.
  3. We will take the time-consuming tax controversy tasks off your plate so that you can get back to the practice of accounting. And, at the same time you will know that your referral is in good hands.
  4. We will keep you UPDATED throughout the process with proper authorization from the referral. (And only if you want to stay involved.)
  5. All of our communication and work with your referral is protected by the attorney client privilege. This protects your referral in the event of disputes with other taxpayers or criminal prosecution.
  6. We are experienced in negotiation, legal research, and in presenting legal arguments. We know how to assemble and plead your referral's case before the IRS or other taxing authority.
  7. We are LOCAL! We have offices and Team Members across Louisiana and Texas.


  1. I'm a CPA. Can I do this myself? YES. Of course you can. But, do you really want to take time away from your "bread and butter" practice to go out of your wheelhouse and handle a controversy matter? Our existing CPA referral partners actually tell us that we've saved them time and money by taking over the controversy matters for their clients.
  2. Will you save my clients money? MAYBE. We cannot guarantee monetary savings for every client in every case. We will use all of our 50+ years of combined legal experience and every resource available to aggressively pursue and obtain the BEST possible result, and this does usually result in some monetary savings for clients.
  3. Does Bryson have an accounting company? YES. We do have a separate sister company called Bryson Accounting and Tax Service, LLC (BATS).
  4. Will BATS solicit my clients? NO! We do not steal clients. We respect the fact that your clients are yours, and that you've worked hard to get them - and retain them. We will do everything in our power to preserve - and hopefully help - your relationship with your client! Our mission is to help your clients resolve their tax problems. We will work side-by-side with you. You can be involved every step of the way. We promise not to solicit your clients.