Website_Banners_11 Episode 11: Working with IRS Revenue Officers
06 / 22 / 22

Episode 11: Working with IRS Revenue Officers

On the latest episode of Talkin' Tax, we're diving into the process of working directly with IRS Revenue Officers when they are assigned to cases. We'll not only cover the various situations that would lead to an officer being assigned to a case, but also the different actions they can take to collect the taxes owed.

Things are very serious when a Revenue Officer is assigned to your tax-related issue, which is why it helps to have a team of professionals standing in your corner!


  • 0:25 - Introduction and overview on the topic of the day
  • 1:35 - Welcoming on the Brysons and Brandon Juneau to the show
  • 2:00 - When does the IRS decide to involve a Revenue Officer to a case
  • 4:00 - Working hand-in-hand with a Revenue Officer to resolve a case
  • 5:31 - What Revenue Officers do when assigned to a case
  • 9:08 - You get one shot to make your case with them
  • 12:03 - How a Revenue Officer differs from the IRS' Automated Collection Service
  • 15:06 - Will Revenue Officers forget about my case?
  • 19:40 - How the Bryson Law Firm deals with IRS Revenue Officers
  • 24:25 - Closing remarks

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