Tax Form 1040-X: Option to E-File
06 / 12 / 20

Tax Form 1040-X: Option to E-File

Welcome back to the Bryson Blog! Today, we have an update for you on just when you can expect to be able to electronically file AMENDED tax returns with the IRS!

Beginning later this Summer, Taxpayers will finally be able to electronically file their Form 1040-X, Amended U.S. Individual Income Tax Return, for the first time. Putting this form online has been a long-time goal of for IRS.

The current system put into place requires taxpayers to mail a paper Form 1040-X to the IRS, which often creates delays in processing. The IRS receives about three million amended tax returns per year. Filing electronically should make the process quicker and easier for Taxpayers and for the IRS.

When the e-filing has launched, Taxpayers will only be able to amend 2019 forms 1040 and 1040-SR returns electronically.

Not a fan of electronic filing? Taxpayers who prefer to send in their 1040-X by mail will still have the option to. Taxpayers can also still use the "Where's My Amended Return?" tool online to check the status of a return, whether the return was filed electronically or by mail.

If you have any questions about filing your Form 1040-X electronically, please reach out to us.