09 / 20 / 12

Common Myths: The IRS can seize any form of personal property to satisfy a tax debt

Answer: False.

According to the IRS Publication 594, entitled "The IRS Collection Process", the following are the things that the IRS cannot take from you in a levy or seizure:

"By law, some property cannot be levied or seized. We may not seize any of your property unless we have determined that we expect there to be net proceeds to apply to the liability. In addition, we may not seize or levy your property on the day you attend a collection interview because of a summons.

Other items we may not levy or seize include:

  1. School books and certain clothing
  2. Fuel, provisions, furniture, and personal effects for a household totaling $7,200*
  3. Books and tools you use in your trade, business, or profession, totaling $3,600*
  4. Unemployment benefits
  5. Undelivered mail
  6. Certain annuity and pension benefits
  7. Certain service-connected disability payments
  8. Workmen's compensation
  9. Salary, wages, or income included in a judgment for court-ordered child support payments,
  10. Certain public assistance payments, or
  11. A minimum weekly exemption for wages, salary, and other income.

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