02 / 07 / 13

Do's and Dont's When Dealing with the IRS

When that knock comes on your door and you want to hide because you know it's the IRS there are some simple things you should do and not do. First and foremost you will want to consult with a qualified tax professional. You will typically want to then file all of your tax returns. It doesn't matter if you can afford to pay the IRS or not. Not filing your tax returns is a crime! Do your part to be cooperative and meet the deadlines discussed in the IRS correspondence. Lastly, treat IRS employees with respect, even if you don't want to.

Here is some advice on what not to do. Do not lie to the IRS. Do not hire any firm telling you there are legal ways to "get out of it". These are scammers! Do not procrastinate, this will only worsen your situation. Blaming others is also a waste of time. Let's get to a solution as quickly as possible so you can move on with your life! Call us today and take the first step towards creating a brighter future.

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