Debbie Kidder

I got a letter from a major tax resolution company that promised me that they could do everything that I needed done to tax care of the tax problems, a guarantee... but they did absolutely nothing. They did not return my emails or phone calls but had set up an ACH, pulling money out of my account every month. I put an end to it and later I found out that they were not even licensed.

I received a letter from Bryson, so I called them. I felt very at home. Everyone in their firm is very nice; it's like a big family. I have never doubted, not one second that they would help me. I'm very confident because I know that Bryson Law Firm has my back.

Debbie Kidder owns a staffing service agency & due to a book-keeping error, the unemployment taxes were not being paid. This error had grown to be quite substantial; regardless of who was at fault, the IRS lays blame on the owner.

People are always concerned about being judged by us... that is the last thing we do. When you deal with these situations, you have to reach out to family and friends & that's what we're here for. We saw that our clients need local Louisiana help. Because it's a local firm we're really able to have an impact on our clients' demeanor and life or business.