16 Episode 16: Liens and Levies: What the IRS Can Do if You Owe
11 / 17 / 22

Episode 16: Liens and Levies: What the IRS Can Do if You Owe

What can the IRS do when you have a tax problem?

The IRS can have both a lien and a levy against a taxpayer with outstanding taxes owed.

We’re covering everything you need to know about liens and levies, including what they are and what the difference is between the two. We’re going over bank levies, wage garnishments, accounts receivable levies, and other accounts and property that the IRS can seize. We’re also sharing how to prevent collection activity and what to do if the IRS does initiate collection activity.

If you’ve ever had a question about liens and levies, tune in to this episode to find an answer.

Topics We Cover in This Episode:

  • What federal tax liens are
  • Where and when liens are filed
  • What a lien would mean for you
  • How to get a lien removed
  • The process before a bank account is levied
  • Why it's so hard to prove that you didn’t receive proper notice of a levy
  • A one-time levy vs. a continuous levy
  • Why you need to be careful about calling the IRS
  • How wage garnishments work
  • What accounts can be levied
  • How to avoid getting into a payment plan that you can’t afford

If you’re dealing with a tax issue, don’t bury your head in the sand. It’s not going to go away until you deal with it, so the sooner the better. If you think you can handle it on your own that’s great, but if you need help, get it!

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Episode 16: Liens and Levies: What the IRS Can Do if You Owe