What_can_a_tax_attorney_do_for_me "What Can a Tax Attorney Do for Me?" 5 Answers to This Frequently Asked Question
09 / 06 / 22

"What Can a Tax Attorney Do for Me?" 5 Answers to This Frequently Asked Question

This is a common question we get here at Bryson Law Firm – what can a Tax Attorney do for me? We also get asked: What can you do that I can’t? Do I need to hire an attorney? What will you do for me? Are you dealing with an IRS tax problem and have the same questions? Here’s our answer.

The short answer is – there is no short answer to this question! There are so many reasons an Attorney is a smart choice in handling your tax matters – so many benefits! Here the top 5 things we want Taxpayers to know an Attorney can do for them. For the most comprehensive analysis on what we may be able to do for you, contact our office to schedule free initial consultation today.

  • We know the law, and have studied the federal and state laws, rules, and regulations applicable to taxes in-depth. This, together with years of experience in putting these laws, rules, and regulations into practice, means that we know what the IRS can and cannot do – what you qualify and do not qualify for, what rights taxpayers have, etc. This experience and expertise helps level the playing field. Typically, when a Taxpayer calls the IRS alone, they find themselves at a disadvantage.
  • We know all of the options available to Taxpayers, so instead of calling the IRS, answering their questions, and letting them tell us what the Taxpayer qualifies for, we work up our own comprehensive IRS account analysis and Taxpayer’s financial analysis, determine exactly what we know the Taxpayer does qualify for, and then submit and negotiate that resolution plan into place.
  • We take a holistic approach to a tax problem. When there are several tax years at issue, there are a lot of moving parts, meaning that to ensure we take advantage of the best possible Resolution Plan, we have to analyze each tax year. A common mistake that Taxpayers make is that they react to each tax notice without taking a step back to ensure they’re resolving the tax problem as a whole – big picture.
  • We know that the IRS loses things, makes mistakes, may say one thing but act on another – that is why we know how to document and paper the Taxpayer’s file, follow up on items with the IRS until they are seen through to fruition, and how to escalate a matter to the proper department or agent when the Taxpayer’s case is not being handled properly.
  • We coach and educate our Clients on the WHY behind balances owed, resolution options available, and how to fix any and all IRS issues moving forward to ensure that this becomes isolated as a back-tax issue. Current year taxes have to be addressed for a successful and permanent Tax Resolution – we work to ensure our clients don’t create a new tax issue in the process of fixing the old one.

As mentioned above – this list is not exhaustive. Through first-hand experience in representing Taxpayers who have attempted resolution on their own before coming to us, hiring a Tax Attorney to resolve your tax troubles is invaluable. Ready to hear how we can help you? Contact Bryson Law Firm, LLC today.