Website_Banners_12 Episode 12: Our Free, Virtual Consultation
06 / 22 / 22

Episode 12: Our Free, Virtual Consultation

On the latest installment of Talkin' Tax, we're exploring the benefits associated with our free, virtual consultation. We strive to ensure our interactions with clients still provide a local feel, but from the comfort of your own home.

This episode is packed with beneficial insights into the Bryson's virtual work with clients and why so many current clients have been loving the virtual model.


  • 0:06 - Introduction and overview on the topic of the day
  • 2:30 - The challenges the Bryson Law Firm faced when Covid-19 struck
  • 4:43 - Our free, virtual consultation
  • 6:50 - The differences between their virtual and in-person consultations
  • 9:52 - Striving to provide a local feel during the virtual consultations
  • 13:57 - What you can expect during your first consultation with the Bryson Law Firm
  • 17:27 - The Bryson team is able to operate more quickly
  • 20:08 - Our virtual consultations are secure and protected conversations
  • 23:10 - Closing remarks

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