Website_Banners_8 Episode 8: The Monitoring and Compliance Process
06 / 22 / 22

Episode 8: The Monitoring and Compliance Process

The Monitoring and Compliance process plays an integral role in the firm's overall tax resolution strategies and without this crucial step a resolution to your tax issue cannot be reached. Listen as Cary and Angie describe the inner-workings of this process and how you're impacted at each turn.

Thanks for joining us for another informative tax discussion that's bound to leave you with some takeaways for your own tax situation!


  • 0:06 - Introduction and overview on the topic of the show
  • 2:29 - An overview on this step in the overall tax resolution process
  • 5:09 - Walking through the client's accounting and past tax returns
  • 7:03 - The Bryson Law Firm can help with physically filing tax returns through Bryson Accounting & Tax
  • 10:24 - How compliance works overall and how you know once you've become fully compliant
  • 12:33 - The account monitoring that happens before resolution
  • 19:40 - Start addressing your tax issues now!
  • 23:00 - How you can get in touch with the Bryson Law Firm for tax help
  • 24:04 - Closing remarks

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