08 / 22 / 11

Going It Alone With The IRS... Wise Decision?

If you had a serious sickness, you would realize that your time might be limited. You don't have an idea how long it will be before the sickness takes over your body – possibly making treatment futile. Would you go it alone?

If you knew you had a deadly illness, would you take the chance that you'll somehow get better all on your own? I doubt it. So why would you go it alone with the IRS? Don't believe for a second that reading a couple books, a website or a couple emails about "how to deal with the IRS" will prepare you to deal with the IRS if you owe them money.

These are people who make a career out of extracting money from people who owe taxes. They deal with it every day. They're good at it. This is something you deal with once in a lifetime (hopefully). Face it – you're not good at it.

These people are trained to act like your friend and make you comfortable...and then use it to get you to say something you'll regret. You wouldn't "go it alone" with a serious illness – don't go it alone with the IRS.

An attorney who specializes in IRS problems is specifically trained to thoroughly research any previous tax ruling and use it to his client's favor in a case against the IRS.

If there's a loophole to be found in a previous tax ruling or many of the published IRS papers, a good attorney can use it to their client's advantage and make the IRS work hard for their money.

** We are a Louisiana law firm focusing 100% of our practice on helping people & businesses solve their IRS and Lousiana state tax problems.