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Myth? "Settling My Case With The IRS Doesn't Mean I'll Walk Away Footloose and Fancy-Free"

Myth: " Settling my case with the IRS doesn't mean I'll walk away footloose and fancy-free"

Answer: I'm not going to paint some rosy picture that facing up to your IRS problem and working out a solution is going to be pleasant. If you make the right decision to take action and finally do something, you're going to be faced with the reality that your immediate future may get more difficult. Depending on your situation, chances are you're still going to end up having to pay something, either through an Installment plan, Offer-In-Compromise, or a Partial Payment Installment Plan.

But you need to consider the alternative:

  • Being reduced to an unlivable wage since the IRS has garnished your salary
  • Not being able to pay your bills because the IRS has seized your bank account
  • Not being able to sell your house or get any form of credit since there's a lien on your property
  • Watching your belongings being sold off at auction just to pay your tax bill

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