08 / 10 / 11


The Better Business Bureau of Acadiana has received several inquiries from local companies over the last few months regarding the Louisiana Corporate Compliance Company.

The business sends out forms closely resembling Louisiana Secretary of State corporate compliance forms and offers to file them with the state for a fee of $125. The Louisiana Secretary of State charges only $25 for the same service.

Furthermore, the forms sent out by LCCC request private information, including stockholder information and minutes of board meetings, but once the forms and fees are remitted, nothing is actually filed by LCCC to the state.

The owner of the company, California native Jonathan Ganer, has been prosecuted by Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott for running a similar scam in that state and had bank accounts frozen to reimburse scammed businesses.

According to Baton Rouge BBB, the company is being run out of an apartment and news outlets have reported complaints against LCCC as far away as north Louisiana.

Furthermore, LCCC has an "F" rating with the BBB due to unanswered complaints and lack of information on the company.

Due this company becoming a growing problem in Louisiana, Secretary of State Tom Schedler posted a warning about this company on his commercial division website. The disclaimer reads, "WARNING: Louisiana Corporate Compliance Business Services Division is not affiliated or associated with Louisiana state government in any way."

Before companies disclosing private information to another business offering to do filings with the state, the BBB suggests:

  • Be sure the company is legitimate and does what they claim with private information. Please check with the appropriate state agency to ensure your information is safe and the company does what it claims. A business can be verified as a registered state LLC or Corporate business through the La. Secretary of State by calling (225) 925-4704.
  • Know the law and be sure you only release information required by law, even if using a legitimate third party reporting agency.
  • Check with the BBB for ratings and information before doing business.