02 / 02 / 12

Federal Employees Owe $3.4 Billion in Taxes

According to a recently released report from the Internal Revenue Service, more than 279,000 federal employees, including members of the miliary, owed approximately $3.42 billion in unpaid taxes!

Believe it or not, 36 of the tax payers are aides to President Obama---- they collectively owed over $833,000!

Members of Congress also had its share of tax delinquents with over 217 employees in the Senate owing over $2.1 million.   467 employees at the House owed $8.5 million.  

The U.S. Postal Service was the agency with the most employees with delinquent taxes----25,640 employees owed collectively over $270 million!

Even the Treasury Department, home of the IRS, had 1,181 employees that didnt pay taxes totaling over $9 million!

Hard to believe, right?!