02 / 03 / 12

Beware of Those Big Firms that Promise to Negotiate Tax Debt!

Thousands of people have responded to TaxMasters' television ads promising help with the IRS.  The ad tells you to "just call the toll-free number for a free consultation with a tax consultant".    Mrs. Lundy from West Palm Beach paid the company $2,500 but has received no services and has had no luck in trying to cancel her current contract.  

TaxMasters, headquartered in Houston, is under investigation by the Florida Attorney General's Office.  They have received over 20 complaints from other Florida residents about not receiving any services.  Many people paid with credit cards or checking accounts and now they are even deeper in debt. 

Long story short.... dont trust some of out town salesman.  Call a LOCAL attorney.... someone you can meet with face to face!  Someone that has a BBB rating of A+.  We were born and raised in Louisiana and wont be going anywhere soon.  Give us a call and dont waste your money with those big national firms with empty promises!