03 / 27 / 12

H&R Block Manager Arrested for Identity Theft of Tax Clients

An H&R manager in Southern California has been arrested for using the identities of his former tax preparation clients. Damon Dubose was working as a manager for H&R Block and allegedly obtained personal information from past clients. He prepared fake tax returns in their names to get refunds and credits and then used the H&R Block Emerald Cards to withdraw the funds from ATMS.  

He was arrested Thursday and a criminal complaint was filed against him. 

Debose was seen by police near the ATM's of three banks, wearing pantyhose over his face as well as hats and scarves. When the police searched his vehicle they found six envelopes with names and social security numbers handwritten on the outside with the H&R Block Emerald Cards on the inside. The Emerald Cards allow customers to access their tax refunds electronically like a debit card. 

They also found approximately $3,000 in cash and printouts of the date of birth and social security numbers of clients. Debose claimed that the information was for his clients and that he had permission to make withdrawls on their behalf. All of the taxpayers whose information was taken indicated that Dubose was not authorized to make withdrawls on their behalf and that he should not have their personal information.  

Dubose's next court appearance is set for April 30th.