02 / 13 / 13

Procrastination is the Habit of People Who End Up in Jail, Out of Business, or Completely Broke

The IRS can get particularly nasty if they're forced to "catch you" or "chase you down". The best thing to do is to face up to your situation – no matter how bad you perceive it to be – and deal with it now. Hiring an attorney can virtually assure that you won't have to even talk to the IRS, and you'll know that you have someone working in your corner to work out the very best solution to your problem.

You can live a life that is eventually FREE of IRS problems if you take action now...but every minute you put off dealing with your IRS problems makes the problem worse than it is this very moment...
If you procrastinate the harassment and pressure from the IRS will only intensify. The only way to make it better is to make your move towards resolution now. It's up to you.