02 / 11 / 14

How is Bryson Law Firm, LLC Different from Other Law Firms?

I've been given the privilege this morning to write a unique blog post. About what you ask? The topic . . . "How is Bryson Law Firm, LLC different from those companies and other law firms who are pounding the TV, radio stations and Internet across the country promising to solve your tax troubles for pennies on the dollar?"

As I sit here, a lot of things race through my mind. But, a few big things really stand out!

WE ARE LOCAL. No, I mean really local. We grew up in Louisiana. We went to Louisiana schools. We go to church here. We educate our children here. We live here! We are your neighbors.

Our offices are real, full-service locations. You can walk through the front door of every office, and visit with smiling Bryson team members on any given Monday through Friday. You can meet us face-to-face, ask questions and shake our hands.

You simply can't do this with those other companies that are pounding the TV, radio and Internet. They are NOT LOCAL! They are PRETENDING to be local. They buy local phone numbers. They rent one-office, part-time suites with local addresses. This allows them to pop-up first on the Internet when you search for help. Their offices are not full service, and there is no team on-site to help you.

Don't be fooled! They are not AUTHENTIC Louisiana born and bred. They most likely don't even live in Louisiana! Check them out carefully on the Internet. What do you see? You will likely see a fancy website WITHOUT PICTURES, and without a way to contact them through a true, local number. They are advertising in our great State fishing for dollars, and they will then simply disappear.

This brings me to my next point . . .

WE ARE TRAINED, EXPERIENCED LAWYERS. We have a team of Louisiana trained attorneys ready to counsel you. We have handled more than 1,000 tax cases for clients. We have more than 40 years of combined legal experience. And, we have a support team of CPAs, Enrolled Agents, former IRS Revenue Officers, accountants, and case managers to assist us.

We've done this work exclusively for more than a decade! We've devoted 100% of our practice to solving tax problems for clients! We don't dabble in tax work. We are devoted to this work. We've written best-selling books on tax. We've been featured in USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and many other national publications. We've attended and given tax seminars all over the country to other attorneys, paralegals, CPAs and Enrolled Agents! We will continue to do what it takes to stay abreast of the issues so we can represent all of our tax clients with skill and care. We are in this for the long haul!

I hate to be blunt, but a tax problem is a legal problem. So, would you hire a nurse to do your surgery? Would you ever hire a doctor you've never met? And, would you hire a cardiologist to do your brain surgery?

The majority of the companies you hear blasting the radio, TV and Internet are NOT LAW FIRMS. Many are just marketing companies who won't even be handling your case after you pay them. Others are national resolution companies who work in high volume practices in remote locations meaning most files are not even touched by an attorney at all – much less a Louisiana attorney!

You can't visit them in person. You won't be able to get back in touch with the same person twice. (Kind of like calling the IRS!) And, it's very likely your problem won't go away any time soon.

Another word of CAUTION! Other law firms have tried to copy us. Be careful. Check them out and make sure that they are truly devoted to this area of the law, and that they have tax experience. It is imperative that your lawyer is dedicated and skilled since tax work is very difficult.

Do yourself a favor and take some time to hire a good, reputable attorney to handle your tax problem. Do some research. Check out websites. Do you see pictures of the attorneys? CPAs? Enrolled Agents? Do they have legitimate tax experience? Do they have testimonials from real clients? Do they have a good local Better Business Bureau rating? Are there any complaints with the state bar or on other reliable sites? Can you meet with the attorney face-to-face?

Follow your instincts. If someone promises you the moon ("pennies on the dollar settlement") and it seems too good to be true – it usually is!

One final point . . .

WE ARE ACCOUNTABLE. All Louisiana attorneys are members of and are regulated by the Louisiana State Bar Association. To maintain good standing and a license to practice law in Louisiana an attorney must adhere to the Louisiana lawyer ethics and professionalism rules.

What happens if an attorney misbehaves? You can file a complaint against that attorney with the Louisiana Bar. If the complaint has merit, the Bar can discipline the attorney. This can include taking away the attorney's license, imposing fines, and/or ordering the attorney to return fees paid by the client.

In short, Louisiana attorneys are ACCOUNTABLE! (We are accountable!)

So, ask yourself, "What if the company on the phone doesn't do what it says it will do? What are my remedies? Can I get my money back? Can I even get in touch with this person again?

If the company is not local, and is not regulated by a professional association (like the Bar) you will have an impossible time getting help. There will be no one to hear or listen to your complaints!

In sum, find someone you TRUST to handle your tax issues. You should be able to shake their hand and look them in the eye. It will be worth your time and effort.

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