02 / 25 / 14

Client Testimonial

We are grateful this morning for our Bryson Team. For the past several weeks we have been getting calls and letters from our clients thanking us for the work we do for them. I have to say as a practicing attorney for over 20 years this is the MOST rewarding part about what we do here.

Here is a phone message to the Bryson Team from Ashley in our Lafayette office sharing a client message from this morning:



I received a phone call this morning from A. Whitmore (current client) who had nothing but good to say about Bryson Law Firm. She said we always put the client first and ourselves second. The customer service is top notch; she has never received such great customer service.

She prays for Cary & Angie & the staff of Bryson Law Firm every day.

Kudos to a great job, keep it up.


WOW! Thank you to Client Whitmore! And, we are praying for you daily along with all of our other clients.

Make it a great day everyone!