01 / 29 / 15

It's Time to Talk Tax...

It seems like every conversation I had with someone turned to the subject of TIME – or lack of it! Sound familiar?

Angela BrysonIt does to me! But, the nice thing about TIME is that it is steady and it resets itself! So, we all get a fresh start,  a clean slate – even if we didn't get everything on our list DONE before the "deadline" passed.

Every 24 hours, a new day begins. Every seven days, a new week starts.Every 12 months, we get a NEW  YEAR! That's why we make New Year's Resolutions, right? Welcome to 2015! A FRESH START! A CLEAN SLATE! Now's the time to take care of all the things that nag you and keep you up at night. Now's the time to work to  fix the things you pray over and ask God to help you with – including your TAX PROBLEMS!

We created this blog to share tax news, filing tips, and to give you a place to ask us specific tax questions. We hope that reading it empowers you by taking the confusion . . . and the fear . . . out of taxes! So, give us your toughest tax questions and situations. We'll respond with our best and brightest solutions. In the meantime, we'll also be posting interesting (if taxes can be interesting) tax facts, tips and just general "tax stuff."