05 / 24 / 16

Thank You for the Referrals!

Wow! We have already surpassed 100 referrals this year! We are grateful to our clients, CPA’s, and fellow attorneys who refer their clients, friends, and family to us. We truly enjoy helping people fix their tax problems, and we appreciate the privilege to help every person you send our way.

Know that we do not take your referrals lightly. From the time your referral calls for their free consultation or sends in the free consult form from our website, we work to reinforce your trust in us. If our services aren’t a fit, we let them know up-front. And, we give them honest recommendations for how they can solve their issues themselves. If they need our help, we quote a flat fee, and immediately take the burden off by having all IRS and LDR calls and communication about the tax problem come to us until the matter is resolved.

We truly appreciate you spreading the word about our Firm and the local tax resolution services we offer.