I chose Bryson Law Firm, LLC because I knew of Bob Lettow personally and through his reputation as someone who did amazing work with the IRS and really liked what I saw when I read some of the reviews and watched the interviews with Mr. Bryson. Bryson was able to get me RELIEF from my tax liability through a Doubt as to Collectability Offer in Compromise. Bryson answered my questions and made me feel comfortable that this would go through. I wasn't worry free, but the team made me feel confident that they knew what they were doing and that I was in good hands. It was an absolutely amazing experience. If you have to reach out to Bryson Law Firm, you are probably already in a bad situation, but Bryson Law Firm understands, will tell you exactly what will happen, about when the next step will happen, and will follow through to successful completion. To the Bryson Team: Thank you very much! I can't explain how incredible all of you were and that this relief actually happened! I had several horrible experiences trying to get this resolved before I contacted Bryson Law Firm so I was cautiously optimistic. Though I know it wasn't easy, you all made it seem very easy for me.