The last letter I received said that they were coming to seize and levy our property… so I called a friend of mine who is an attorney and I said, 'can you help me?' She said, 'no I can’t - you need to go call Bryson Law Firm and they will take care of you…'

I got here at the law firm and it was just so wonderful to feel so at ease. Everyone from the person at the front desk to the attorneys were absolutely so gracious and made me feel so comfortable and so at ease. I walked out and felt a little lighter - a lot lighter actually. I received another phone call that said “you don’t owe anything” and I cried because the IRS has some pretty deep claws and they can really hurt you. I’m just so grateful and thank God every day that the Bryson Law Firm took care of my case.

Ms. Lisa and her husband have a rental property business that generates an income of about $10,000 per year on average. In 2016, they filed their business income tax return a few weeks late after misunderstanding when the deadline was. They received a late filing penalty notice from the IRS that calculated their penalty at $55,624,331.25. Late filing penalties on partnerships are calculated based on the number of partners. The IRS said this partnership had 57,000 members. Clearly this was a clerical error, but after months of trying to resolve the matter herself, Ms. Lisa continued to receive threatening collections notices from the IRS for over $55 MILLION. After hiring Bryson Law Firm, LLC, we got involved and after working with the IRS and the Taxpayer Advocate Service, we were able to have this penalty abated in full.