Marvin Gros

I want someone that has expertise, knowledge and knows how to deal with the IRS. I felt comfortable in that he [Cary] would tell me the truth and what I was able to get back from the IRS.

Practicing attorney for 20+ years, Marvin Gros, lost his building, vast records & operations due to hurricane destruction. Reestablishing his practice took precedence over tax woes. He went to Bryson Law Firm for a free consultation & evaluation of his tax problems.

Once our clients' tax problems are solved, the last thing I want to see is them back in this office five years from now with the same problem or something similar. Often times it's because they don't understand the accounting issues that let to their tax problem. We want to have an effect long term on our family, our clients, who are going to be able to fix these problems once and for all.