IRS_RESUMES_NOTICES Developing News: The IRS Has Plans to Resume Sending Notices
11 / 14 / 22

Developing News: The IRS Has Plans to Resume Sending Notices

The National Taxpayer Advocate has recently spoken about the IRS’ plan for resuming IRS collections notices. As previously discussed on the Bryson Blog, the IRS suspended the mailing of many collections notices earlier this year due to IRS delays and backlogs. At this time, the IRS is set to resume these notice efforts over an undisclosed amount of time. These letters will be regarding outstanding balances, unfiled returns, intents to levy, and withholding compliance. 

Erin Collins, the National Taxpayer Advocate, did state that the IRS does not plan to send out millions of notices all in one day, but shared that it would likely be a process spread out over every three-to-four weeks in an effort to ensure IRS call centers can keep up with the Taxpayer calls that are sure to ensue in response to these letters. 

This is developing news. The details on the IRS’ process for mailing notices and initiating collections again are not clear. However, in preparation for these notices, now is the time for Taxpayers with unpaid taxes and/or unfiled returns to begin work toward compliance with their tax obligations. As always, Bryson Law Firm, LLC is here to help!