Website_Banners_1 Episode 13: Understanding Offers in Compromise
08 / 10 / 22

Episode 13: Understanding Offers in Compromise

This process is not as simple as you might think, so be sure to tune in to find out everything you need to know and everything at stake before you file.

Topics We Cover in This Episode:

  • Expectations around offers
  • What the Fresh Start program is
  • How national marketing companies can abuse Offers in Compromise
  • Why so many Offers in Compromise are denied
  • What it takes to qualify for an Offer in Compromise
  • Different types of offers
  • The most common offer utilized by tax professionals
  • The two forms that need to be filed for an Offer in Compromise
  • The cost of filing an offer
  • Why taxes are a journey, not a destination

Think of this episode as your 101 in Offers in Compromise. Whether you just want to know more about the process or you’re planning to file, this episode breaks it all down for you and gets into the nitty gritty that a lot of people don’t talk about.

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