08 / 15 / 11


Myth: The IRS Can Take Your Money If You Don’t Give It to Them Voluntarily

Answer: True. If you’ve been notified by the IRS either over the phone or by mail that you owe them, that’s all the warning you get.

If after contact, you don’t pay them completely and voluntarily - they have the right to take every penny that you owe from them…one way or another. They don’t have to take you to court or sue you to get their money. If they’ve sent the collection notices and you’ve refused to pay or haven’t paid in full – that’s all they need to do.

That’s when it can get ugly:

  • They can dip straight into your bank account and take your money
  • They can garnish your wages or salary
  • They can take your social security, 401(k) or IRA’s
  • They can take any money owed to you – like accounts receivable or sales commissions.

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