11 / 16 / 12

Why You Must End Your IRS Problem Today!

You know it's time to DO something.....but what? Every day you wake up with that gnawing pain in your gut, knowing that you have an IRS problem and it just won't go away. You can never really relax with an IRS problem It's with you 24/7.

Here's some good news. If you read just a few more paragraph's-you'll already know more than 99% f the 28.5 million taxpayers suffering with IRS problems!

There are two reason's why you should choose to end your IRS problem today:

  1.  In the history of the IRS, there have never been so many programs available to you to help you end your IRS problem. (And those programs won't last forever.)
  2. The best time to end your IRS problem is when you are in the worst financial shape of your life. (Read that again!)

No matter what your circumstances are, today is the best day to end your IRS problem. And here's why the IRS is dealing-and why you must act now. Over the last 6 years, the number of IRS agents has declined, which has forced the remaining agents to take on too many cases.

The old IRS used to rate agents by how much money they collected from taxpayers and would reward them with promotions and raises.

Now, the newer IRS rates Agents by how many case files they close.....regardless of how much money (if any) they actually collect. This represents a huge change in how the IRS does business. In fact, it's the exact opposite of what taxpayers usually think about the IRS-or it's "nasty" agents.

The problem is that the IRS is changing again. Taxpayers with unresolved IRS problems will soon find themselves dealing with a newer-and nastier-IRS.

So.... don't wait for a kinder, gentler IRS to show up at your front door. these days are over! The government needs money, and anyone who owes taxes ifs fair game!

I'll say this one more time....

DO SOMETHING!! Today is the day to do something about your IRS problem

 ~Excerpt from "IRS Problems Solved" by Cary Bryson, Attorney at Law