08 / 04 / 16

Bryson Law Firm Year-To-Date Tax Resolution Results

Through July 31st we have saved our clients $6,806,737 in IRS and LDR payments.

  • For clients we were able to obtain an Offer In Compromise – Total tax liability totaled $4,075,000 and offers totaled $548,365, a savings of $3,526,635!
  • $500,190 in penalties were abated.
  • Our clients saved $1,855,906 on audit reconsiderations.
  • $924,006 written off by the IRS due to Collection Statute Expiration.

Results vary per client situation, and cannot be guaranteed, but these are actual figures for clients whose cases completed so far in 2016 where we were able to use these resolution types allowed by the IRS and LDR.