Website_Banners_4 Episode 14: COVID Pandemic Relief for Small Businesses

Episode 14: COVID Pandemic Relief for Small Businesses

 Are you a small business owner who was affected by the pandemic? Then listen up, because you might be missing out on relief measures available to you. 



This episode is all about COVID relief measures. We’re specifically covering the IRS Employee Retention Credit and why it has been underutilized. Don’t click away if you think you don’t qualify, because things have changed since it was first announced so you might qualify now! 


It’s unusual that this applies to small businesses because, as those of you who run small businesses know, we don’t usually get credits! 


We’re sharing some tips on how to qualify and apply for the Employee Retention Credit. We want to clear some things up and make it as easy as possible for you to apply if you qualify. 




Topics We Cover in This Episode: 


  • What the Employee Retention Credit is and what it’s not 
  • Who qualifies for the Employee Retention Credit
  • Why this credit is underutilized 
  • Why you should double check whether or not you qualify 
  • The three tests you can use to qualify 
  • How to apply for the credit 
  • When to expect to receive the checks 
  • What to do if you also received a PPP loan 


If you listen to this episode and realize you might qualify for the Employee Retention Credit, don’t wait around to start the application process! It won’t be around forever, so the sooner you take advantage of it, the better. 


Visit to find out more or ask a question! We would love to hear from you and help you get the answers you need. 


Resources Mentioned:


COVID Pandemic Relief Continues: The IRS Employee Retention Credit Presentation PDF Guide 


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Episode 14: COVID Pandemic Relief for Small Businesses