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Episode 2: Options for Tax Resolution

In the second installment of Talkin' Tax, Angie and Cary Bryson sit down to discuss the array of options existing for tax resolution. Given their expertise in an array of varying tax law fields, the Brysons share over a dozen ways their firm can help you or your business.

Whether it be assistance with an appeals process, bank levies, CNC status, installment agreements, audit representation, or more, the Brysons have you covered!

So sit back, relax, and enjoy another enlightening conversation surrounding the options you and your business have when the IRS comes knocking.


00:05 - Overview on last episode and today's topic

02:30 - How the Brysons tackle appeals at their firm

07:26 - Bank levies and an example of their work helping people through bank levies

12:56 - Dealing with a "love letter" from the IRS and using the Brysons for audit representation

16:34 - Currently Not Collectible Status and how you qualify for it

20:00 - The misconceptions surrounding Innocent Spouse Relief

23:43 - How installment agreements work to pay off tax bill over time

28:41 - How the Brysons assist with IRS account investigations

32:56 - How mean the Brysons are with liens

35:56 - Offers in Compromise and how/when they apply to a given individual

42:45 - Dealing with failure to pay payroll taxes

48:38 - Penalty abatements and their work in this space

53:05 - Helping to deal with revenue officers

58:44 - An example of a client they worked with who dealt with wage levies

01:03:05 - Tax court representation and what this process looks like

01:06:00 - Closing remarks on the options for tax resolution overall

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