Cary Bryson

Episode 1: Meet the Brysons

 In the inaugural episode of Talkin' Tax, we introduce you to the co-founders of the Bryson Law Firm, Cary and Angela Bryson. With over 38 years of combined legal experience in the greater Louisiana area, Cary and Angie have built a thriving and successful law firm that aids their fellow “Loosianans” when it comes to the complicated realm of taxes.

 Listen as Cary and Angie share intriguing details on their southern roots and their respective backgrounds through various sectors of law. They dive into the origin of their relationship at the Louisiana State University Law School and their dreams of one day owning and operating a law firm together to help those around them.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy an enlightening conversation surrounding the origin of this prestigious law firm and the faces behind it.