Bryson Law Firm
03 / 27 / 20

The Bryson Companies have been closely monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic in an effort to ensure we make responsible decisions for our employees, clients, and community.

The SFRs -- The “Frankenstein” of Tax
01 / 16 / 20

Every lawyer knows that he must file a tax return every year. And, if you’re a Harvard law professor you oughta’ understand your filing requirements even more. Right?

5 Ways to Prevent Tax Identity Theft
12 / 10 / 19

With 2020’s tax season less than two months away, tax identity thieves will be trolling the internet for your personal data more than ever. The Federal Trade Commission reported tax fraud as the second most common form of identity theft to date. Just last year alone over $46 million dollars were claimed in fraudulent tax refunds according to the IRS.

Tax Attorney, Cary Bryson, Featured in The Wall Street Journal
08 / 21 / 19

Cary B. Bryson, Co-Founder of Bryson Law Firm LLC, was selected to be featured in The Wall Street Journal to showcase his coveted status as a Masters of Success.

Chrisley Scandal Shows IRS Has "Zero Tolerance" Policy
08 / 19 / 19

We know you saw it all over social media this week – “Todd Chrisley indicted for tax evasion as reality star says he’s been framed”, “Todd Chrisley Indicted for Tax Evasion but Claims Innocence”, “Todd Chrisley and Julie Chrisley Indicted for Tax Evasion and Other Financial Crimes”, “Todd Chrisley’s son Chase hit with $17G tax lien amid parents’ tax evasion indictment”, “’Chrisley Knows Best’ stars indicted on federal tax evasion charges.”

The IRS Taxpayer Advocate Service’s 2019 Taxpayer Roadmap:  Why Taxpayers Need Legal Representation when Navigating the Path to Tax Resolution
07 / 12 / 19

The IRS Taxpayer Advocate Service recently released the attached “Taxpayer Roadmap 2019.” The Roadmap illustrates the stages of a taxpayer’s journey through the IRS system.

Ten Things Tax Payers Should Do In Prep For A Natural Disaster
07 / 12 / 19

As we brace for the first storm of the season – Tropical Storm Barry – we reflect on the many storms that have come before this one that Bryson Law Firm, LLC has seen.

Co-Founder of the Bryson Law Firm, Cary Bryson, Featured in Newsweek
04 / 09 / 19

Cary Bryson, an Experienced Tax Attorney, was selected to participate in a Newsweek feature titled “The Next Big Thing.”

Tax Deductions v. Tax Credits:  They are NOT same!
04 / 08 / 19

Every year we are required to file our federal and state tax returns. For some of us, taxes are automatically taken out of every paycheck to pay our tax bills . . . and if we’re lucky we may even receive a refund of some of that money.

A Louisiana Law That Excluded Texas Franchise Taxes Paid From A Tax Credit Is Deemed Unconstitutional
01 / 30 / 19

A recent Louisiana Supreme Court ruling in Smith v. Robinson has deemed a 2015 Louisiana tax unconstitutional.