01 / 11 / 12

Bryson Law Firm, LLC, co-founded by husband and wife team Cary and Angela Bryson, has gone from a small town tax resolution firm to a nationally recognized firm.

01 / 06 / 12

For the first time in seveal years Social Security benefits will increase.  Starting in 2012 benefits go up 3.6%. 

01 / 04 / 12

When it comes to making installment payments to pay off a tax debt, it used to be that the IRS wouldn't agree to the arrangement if the taxpayer's debt would not get paid off before the statute of limitations ran out.

12 / 27 / 11

Cary Bryson has recently been named as one of America's Premier Experts in recognition of his expertise in the legal field and dedication to his community. 

12 / 27 / 11

When the IRS prosecutes, tax evasion is not always the only charge (if it's charged at all). In fact, there are cases where the person who has been found guilty of one crime may also be charged with violating other laws.

12 / 19 / 11

Let's say you're married and you file a "married filing jointly" return, since you want to take advantage of the unique tax benefits (lower taxes than other filing statuses, higher standard deductions, and other tax benefits that don't apply to other statuses) offered by this particular filing status.

12 / 13 / 11

Southern hospitality and the Internal Revenue Service might seem like an unlikely combination but for Cary and Angela Bryson, a husband and wife team that co-founded the Bryson Law Firm, LLC it's the only way to do business.

12 / 07 / 11

Richard Hatch gained fame in the year 2000 as being the first winner of NBC's popular reality game show "Survivor".

12 / 01 / 11

Yes. The IRS can take your Social Security to satisfy a tax debt.

In fact, in July 2000, not only did the new Federal Payment Levy Program allow the IRS to dip into some Social Benefits paid to you, but it can also money that you've received from:

11 / 22 / 11

When the IRS prosecutes, tax evasion is not always the only charge (if it's charged at all).