02 / 26 / 14

By: Cary Bryson

People ask me all of the time – "Is it really possible to settle with the IRS for pennies on the dollar and have the rest of my tax bill forgiven?"

Here's my best answer – "Yes, it is possible . . . but it's not easy and the odds are not in your favor."

02 / 25 / 14

We are grateful this morning for our Bryson Team. For the past several weeks we have been getting calls and letters from our clients thanking us for the work we do for them. I have to say as a practicing attorney for over 20 years this is the MOST rewarding part about what we do here.

02 / 24 / 14

There have been lots of folks pretending to be the IRS lately. If you have an IRS tax lien or IRS bank levies or IRS wage levies you could be a victim.

02 / 20 / 14

We are now in full swing with tax season! Issues with W-2s and 1099s come up all of the time. Here's what the IRS says to do if you are missing a W-2 (See IRS Tax Tip 2014-17):

02 / 11 / 14

How is Bryson Law Firm, LLC different from those companies and other law firms who are pounding the TV, radio stations and Internet across the country promising to solve your tax troubles for pennies on the dollar?

11 / 07 / 13

The IRS is warning the public about a phone scam that targets people across the nation.

11 / 07 / 13

WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service today announced the nationwide rollout of a streamlined program designed to enable small businesses under audit to more quickly settle their differences with the IRS. 

10 / 24 / 13

Hundreds of employees of Internal Revenue Service contractors owe millions of dollars in federal tax debts, according to a new report.

10 / 15 / 13

A couple of days ago we were called by a client who received a phone call from someone claiming to be from the IRS. 

10 / 11 / 13

The Internal Revenue Service is putting the brakes on tax liens and levies during the federal government shutdown.