03 / 17 / 15

Is my W-2 correct?

Am I withholding enough from my paycheck?

Who can I claim on my return?

Should I file an extension with the IRS?

And do I still owe taxes now?

What expenses are deductible?

03 / 12 / 15

Considering bankruptcy as an option to resolve your outstanding tax liabilities? For many taxpayers hoping for a fresh start through bankruptcy, recent court rulings have created uncertainty as to exactly which tax debts are eligible for discharge.

02 / 27 / 15

Can I just say that I LOVE seeing so many of my friends promoting different products through direct selling?

02 / 26 / 15

Many of us dread the thought of tax season, but others look forward to this time of year, especially the tax cons.

02 / 24 / 15

President Obama's most recent federal budget proposal shows his intent to eliminate what has been termed a loophole in the tax laws regarding donations, specifically, the tax deduction allowed for donations that are required by universities for the opportunity to purchase season tickets for college sports.

02 / 03 / 15

As I enjoyed the beautiful 70 degree weather as I left the office for lunch today, I had the surprising realization that another year has come and gone, and with the onset of Spring right around the corner, so is tax season!

01 / 29 / 15

It's 4:59 on a Friday, and you're ready to get out of the office. Your eyes glaze over the computer screen as you patiently wait to jump out of your chair. You blink. Boom – 5:00. Your grab your coat, say the cordial goodbyes to your co-workers, and hop in your car.

The traffic's terrible, but no worries; you know the shortcut through the neighborhood up ahead. You start to smirk as you drive through, bypassing all the traffic. All of the sudden – SCREECH – BAM. It looks like another car had the same idea, but he failed to stop at the clearly visible stop sign. Your car is totaled...and you? You've been better.

01 / 29 / 15

This past holiday season, the topic of TIME kept coming up over and over again.

07 / 30 / 14


There is a confirmed IRS phone scam circulating in the Baton Rouge service area. Scammers place phone calls claiming that the victims owe the IRS money and must pay immediately or suffer serious consequences -- including arrest and imprisonment!

05 / 21 / 14

We are thrilled to be named the Face of Tax Resolution Law in the May-June 2014 Baton Rouge issue of Louisiana Life magazine! It's always rewarding to show the great folks of Louisiana what we do, and how we are different from the other tax resolution firms. It's just a fact – LOCAL is the way to go!

In case you missed it, here's a reproduction of the piece from the magazine...