12 / 15 / 15

Cary Bryson, co-founder of Bryson Law Firm, L.L.C., was recently featured on Studio 6 to explain why you should choose a local attorney instead of a national company. 

10 / 14 / 15

Do you have Louisiana State tax issues? You'll want the inside scoop on the Tax Amnesty the state is offering for ONE MONTH only!

10 / 01 / 15

You're finally ready to face your tax problems head on--but the amount you owe has INCREASED due to penalties and interest. What now? Dont worry....You DO have options.

09 / 03 / 15

Here in Louisiana, we pride ouselves on our local businesses. But how does someone start a small business? Where do you even begin? David Bordelon gives us a few great tips for those who want to start their own small business.

07 / 16 / 15

Here at Bryson Law Firm, LLC, we frequently receive calls from individuals who are trying to purchase a home or sell their current home, but are prevented from being able to due to an IRS tax lien filed in the public records and/or with the credit bureaus. I wanted to take this opportunity to explain to anyone in this situation some of the options available to you.

07 / 06 / 15

President Obama has ordered the Department of Labor to issue new rules increasing the number of employees currently eligible to receive overtime pay. So the question stands: what now?

06 / 18 / 15

While the May 2015 IRS hack may be old news, taxpayers are now being informed that their information has been accessed. Find out more about the investigation of the hack and how tax payers are being affected. 

06 / 03 / 15

Remember a time in the not-so-distant past when renting a movie meant loading the entire family into the car and driving to the local Blockbuster store? A small thing would happen after you paid at the register: at the bottom of the receipt, just above “Be Kind, Please Rewind” would be a line for sales tax paid. With on-demand movies there is no receipt, but is there a sales tax? 

05 / 21 / 15

Let's say you have two options: The IRS prepares a tax return for you, sends you a return, and you either accept it, reject it, or make the nexessary adjustments and send it back--or--you can hire a CPA or private company to file for you. Find out a little more about these two views.

05 / 06 / 15

The 2015 NFL draft has come and gone, and now we’re stuck waiting until September for some football.  In the meantime, let’s talk some taxes…and maybe a little football too.