09 / 16 / 16

For years Louisiana has offered tax credits to residents who purchased solar panels for their homes. However, in mid-2015 the Louisiana legislature and the Louisiana Department of Revenue (LDR) determined that there was not enough money in the budget to fund the solar tax credits.  So, the legislature decided to place a funding "cap" on the total amount of credits that the state will honor each year between now and 2017. The "cap" has resulted in the denial or deferment of payment of the solar tax credits to thousands of Louisiana taxpayers who are now left confused, frustrated . . . and frankly down right angry!

09 / 01 / 16

From IRS.Gov

WASHINGTON —The Internal Revenue Service today announced that 401(k)s and similar employer-sponsored retirement plans can make loans and hardship distributions to Louisiana flood victims and members of their families.

08 / 31 / 16

Now that the waters are receding and we are all trying to get back to normal, we thought that we would start addressing some of the many legal questions surrounding the flooding disaster of 2016. Of course, we will focus on “tax” questions because that’s what we do!

08 / 16 / 16

On August 11, 2016, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) declared that federal disaster aid has been made available to the State of Louisiana in order to supplement the local efforts in the area affected by severe storms and flooding.

08 / 04 / 16

Through July 31st we have saved our clients $6,806,737 in IRS and LDR payments.


05 / 26 / 16

Tuesday, May 31st we are moving our Baton Rouge office to 8888 Jefferson Highway. This new location at the corner of Jefferson Hwy. and Drusilla Lane has easy access from I-12, offers plenty of free parking, and is more centrally located to assist our Baton Rouge clients.

05 / 24 / 16

Wow! We have already surpassed 100 referrals this year! We are grateful to our clients, CPA’s, and fellow attorneys who refer their clients, friends, and family to us. We truly enjoy helping people fix their tax problems, and we appreciate the privilege to help every person you send our way.

04 / 15 / 16

When it comes to tax collections state policymakers are constantly faced with hard choices about what’s fair and effective for collecting taxes from fellow citizens. These tough decisions become complicated when you’re talking about collecting overdue tax bills. One “interesting” measure our legislature has deemed appropriate for getting the attention of Louisiana taxpayers who owe back taxes is the suspension of driver’s licenses.

04 / 08 / 16

You’re recently divorced and finally getting your life back together — ready to move out of the apartment you’ve been living in with your kids into a home with a yard. After touring dozens of homes with your Realtor, you finally find the perfect home. The Realtor perfects the purchase agreement and the loan application is submitted to the mortgage company. But, then the “elephant” emerges. When the mortgage company pulls your credit report, you discover for the first time that the IRS filed a notice of federal tax lien three years ago in your ex-husband’s name.

12 / 28 / 15

If you owe the IRS more than $50,000, there's a chance your passport could be suspended. Find out more about this new law here.