03 / 06 / 17

Written By: Kathryn Watson

TWO employee thefts in the news THIS WEEK! In the news about a week ago in Mandeville, Louisiana, it was reported that two employees were arrested for stealing from their employer more than $1.4 million. Just a few days ago, another news story: in Lafayette, Louisiana, a woman stole more than $250,000.

02 / 27 / 17

Written By: Jessica Thibodeaux

Time is Running Out to Receive your 2013 Tax Refund!

02 / 24 / 17

Louisiana’s once promising solar power industry is on the ropes, as thousands of solar system owners continue to reel from a retroactive state statute that left them each owing as much as $12,500 in installation costs. While legislation could be introduced this spring to reimburse the owners, solar installers feel their industry is irreparably damaged.

02 / 23 / 17

From TheInd.com (ABiz / Acadia Business)

For years Louisiana has offered tax credits to residents who purchased solar panels for their homes. However, in mid-2015, the Louisiana Legislature and the Louisiana Department of Revenue determined that there was not enough money in the budget to fund the solar tax credits.

02 / 16 / 17

Every business owner who employs workers is familiar with payroll taxes. As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to withhold federal income and payroll taxes from wage earners and pay them to the IRS. 

12 / 07 / 16

Attention holiday shoppers: You might not be able to count on receiving a federal tax refund in January to pay for those gift bills.

11 / 14 / 16

11/22/16 UPDATE for Louisiana Hardship License:  Per recent news reports, the Louisiana Department of Motor Vehicles plans to reverse it's "no cash" policy on most transactions effective as soon as December 1st.  Once effective, cash can again be used for driver's licenses, vehicle registrations, and titles but NOT for reinstatement fees.  As the DMV works through this change, we recommend bringing check/money order until it's clear as to whether this Hardship License constitutes a "reinstatement" or not.

10 / 21 / 16

I have some great news if you missed your 60-day deadline for appealing the denial of their solar tax panel credit by the Louisiana Department of Revenue -- you may have a second chance to contest the denial!!!!

10 / 05 / 16

Updated:  Bryson Law Firm, LLC Year-To-Date Tax Resolution Results

Through September 30th we have saved our clients $8,533,890 . . . and given each of them a "fresh start"!

09 / 22 / 16

In the aftermath of “The Great Flood of 2016”, we at Bryson Law Firm, LLC have been busy both inside and outside the office doing what we can to help our clients- our employees- our friends- our community- rebuild in the midst of such LOSS.  Ever-looking at things from a tax perspective, people who’ve suffered such a LOSS should keep in mind that much of those losses can be tax deductible.